Saturday, October 17, 2009

Home Alone

A little too quiet here I'm afraid.  Pasht has gone missing and it doesn't look good.  She's old, and fell in love with the gazebo and the raised garden, and refused to come inside.  She also knows my Mom, who was feeding her, and the grub was her favorite canned food, so there is no way in hell she'd have left willingly.

I've known it was coming, but it's still hard to take.  She was my kitty all through grad school and was my first animal after the nest became "empty".  We've been more colleagues than pet, well, colleagues who share a pillow and a house.

She's one of the reasons why I don't own any clear glass drinking glasses-because they break so nicely when pushed into the sink.  She's why I leave an empty spot on almost every shelf-for dozing and sunning pleasure.

She'd been getting extra tuna and salmon lately.  I had a notion she wouldn't be here much longer, and I wanted to say "thank you" for the many wonderful years....I stopped counting at 13 and that was a few years ago.

For some odd reason, the loss of my friend doesn't touch the wonderful time I had on vacation.  It is two, very separate feelings.  One has absolutely nothing to do with the other.  In that special place where animals go, there is another angel, and a couple of small dogs rolling their eyes and saying "Oh shit, she's back....."


Mim said...

sometimes a really loved animal will wait until your back is turned to make that final step - doesn't make it easier but it is often true I find. but so glad that we had a good wonderful fun vacation time together, my nose is still sunburned. love mim

studio lolo said...

Oh Deb I'm so very sorry. I agree with Mim and I know you know that kind of thing too, but damn if it doesn't still hurt.
I hope you find her no matter what, if only for closure and a proper goodbye.
I was hoping you'd come home to happy pets who didn't missed you (much.)
Sending love to you and prayers to Pasht to come home.

soulbrush said...

such a sad yet very loving post. rip dear kitty.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Kitty is probably much better off now that she has the new job of straightening out the next world.

Lynn said...

I'm hoping she is just "missing" and will return. OUr cat, Henry, went missing for two months and then we were called from a town 45 mintues away by car to go pick him up...skinnier and wiped out, but found. I hope you are as lucky.

Julie said...

I am so sorry for your loss.

Debra Kay said...

I appreciate all the good wishes. She had a great life, and was a great friend to me. We had a lot of good years together, and I wouldn't trade the sadness now for all those good memories. I really wouldn't.

I'm going to be cat free for awhile. The older dogs wouldn't do well with a kitten-for some reason (maybe because they are cats and dogs) the kittens tend to want to torment the chihuahuas, and the old ones would not be amused at all. Prissy would be at risk (sad but true) from a fully grown cat, so that isn't an option either.

I'm going to let the older kiddos have some peace before shaking up the mix.

I want to see how the two pack thing is going to work itself out-and a new cat would pretty much be a very bad idea right now from that standpoint.

I'm dividing the pack physically by age/size into two-one will be a working pack, one the retirees, with appropriate rules for each. Priss and Cody are feeling their age, and Greta is feeling her hip. They will retire to orthopedic beds and bon bons. The BC's and Oliver the dog are going to have to work for a living.

We'll still have common time, but not as much and under more controlled situations.

Teri C said...

So sad to lose such a good friend.

Big hugs!

Michele said...

Oh no, I am so sorry. I remember Pasht from our Grad school days. You've had that sweetie for such a long time. I hope she surprises you with a miracle and comes home but if not, I hope she is in kitty paradise.