Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I'm Late-KMA! LOL

Yesterday was one of those days where I got a lot of random stuff done, nothing notable, but was a very nice day.  Today all hell breaks loose because I sleep in and people have been trying to reach me for DAYS.  Huh?  Kiss My Ass.  I rode an hour and half on the bike, I have a stuffy head from all the rain, AND I'm still relaxed (AKA tired) from the exercise and I just can't get worked up enough to get cranky.
Well, very cranky.  I've already noticed the shorter days and realized some of my own ansty feelings are just the season change.  Happens every fall.  If you point that out to someone who is feeling it too-they will most likely bite your head off-so KMA.
Oliver the parrot is very unhappy because he can no longer camp on the sunporch and go out first thing in the morning an yell at the dogs.  Of course, I still let the dogs out and that pisses him off to no end.  He feels forgotten.  This morning I decided to bring him into the living room on his perch and give him his apple and let him watch Toddler tunes.  Little fart clicks his beak at me.  Well, KMA.  Of course, I go ahead and get him out and bring him in, pet him until he quits being grumpy, then give him his apple apple.
He's now dancing on his perch, having had his apple and cleaned his beak.  I think he'd forgotten about Toddler tunes, but now realizes they aren't such a bad trade off.  Grumpy bird, KMA.
Prissy was having her twice yearly stomach ache yesterday.  I had her sleep with me so if she needed anything in the night she could just paw.  She was "cured" at a terribly early hour, and she woke me by sticking her little pointy paw in my nose....KMA-WTF?  I was glad she felt better so I didn't stay mad.
Staying mad is a waste of time, just say KMA and move on!


soulbrush said...

autumn can kmfa too, it is creeping round the doors and it makes me cross. i still wan tto feel my carefree summer whistling thorugh my hair.. school on thursday KMFA!!

studio lolo said...

fall is one of the main reasons I was happy to return East. Heat and humidity though...KMA!

I can feel the seasons change within me too. People who don't understand that can KMA.

I just returned from standing in line for THREE hours at the DMV to get my RI license. KMA a hundred times!

It's all good now though because I just stopped at the best deli in town and bought the best chicken salad, fresh whole grain rolls and potato salad for lunch.
If those little seeds end up bugging my side...KMA.

Michele said...

Love it! Bosses who say we're launching a big project on a certain day and make me work my behind off to get ready and then cancel the project at the last minute - KMA. Hubbies who don't help with the housework - KMA. Whoops was that too personal? Texas heat KMA and go away already.

studio lolo said...

I just realized I'm stockpiling a few cards for you that had DK all over them. I must get them in the mail soon!!


Julie said...

"KMA and move on"...that could become my favorite saying of all times!!!