Monday, July 16, 2007

The Rudos have landed

Sue and Jay are now in Florida and are reveling in the unpacking joys. Yes, you only think the move is over when you've arrived. I'm kind of glad Sue is the midst of not knowing her own phone number or exactly where her underwear is...I feel less alone.

Sue and I were always going to have gastric bypasses together. She finally had a lap band and I went on Medifast and I'm fat again and off to Mexico. We are thinking about reviving our pact and going to Brazil for plastic surgery. Yeah folks, when you lose a lot of weight and are over 40, skin happens. Deal with it.

Of course, the lap band is for health reasons. Plastic surgery could be placed under mental health I suppose, or even as part of my mid life crisis research. But that is for much later. Sue and Jay are now in Florida, where swimming season is year round and scheduling things around swimming season isn't really a viable option.

As I project into my future-the possibilty of returning to TJ for fills suddenly is appealing. Maybe I could schedule "fill tours". Have I just invented a new business line?

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