Tuesday, July 24, 2007

An ah hah moment

So, I was telling my cousin that I walked out in the backyard and mom was hoeing and cleaning my crop circle and Dad was pumping the rainwater out of my cellar. I just snapped pictures (that's what I was doing back there anyway) and hung out and visited and played with the dogs. Cousin Susan says they are really happy to have me here to take care of-they've been missing that in their life.....ah haaaa kind of like I love taking care of Uncle John.

These things that I would have mistook for criticism are just love. (Now, MOm told me she was planning on coming down, so it wasn't an invasion). This whole family closeness thing is very new to me-I've been in Dallas for 20 years, but I'm really liking it.

I bought Mom a tricycle so we can start riding together and Daddy is having fun in the woodshop out back. Mom loves the pear tree. I just like having them around.

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