Thursday, July 5, 2007


Mom, Dad, Uncle John and myself were together for the first time on the 4th of July in oh, about 30 years. This was Mom an Dad's 55th anniversary.

We wound up eating my food at their house-my house was just not ready for guests-my last chair is arriving today. But, we all enjoyed being together, eating hot dogs and fried chicken. Mom is letting me bring take out over-I can't cook, but I can order with the best of them.

I'm still tired-STILL. That's getting a little frustrating and old, but I'm trying to do the old "do what you can rest when you need to thing." We are working out boundaries-I will accept help, but only when I can work alongside. I am not an invalid, and if the cardboard boxes stay on the patio for an extra day, the WORLD WILL NOT END. However, if I let myself be pushed beyond what I can do, the world will definitely slow back down for awhile.

I am sure the newness is just as delightful and frustrating for my parents-who are really trying to adapt as well.

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