Tuesday, July 3, 2007

What would the neighbors say?

I got my first "what would the neighbors think" today....I took my new snake down to Mom's to show him off.

Mom was a bit rattled because there was a 3 foot SNAKE sitting in her recliner-I thought the experience would be good for her. But, as for the neighbors..."what would the neighbors think if they saw you carrying that thing down the street....." I said they'd probably think I was taking my snake out for some air.

When I was a renter-I sort of cared what they thought because a complaint to the landlord would be bad....but now, as long as I am responsible and safe, I don't really care.

Oh the irony! This morning a loose rottweiler was running down the street, and no one was worried about what the neighbors would think.

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Michele said...

Ahhh, the best part about owning your own place ... you can basically do anything you want ... within reason ... and no one can say a darn thing about it! Enjoy.