Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Adventures in the Electric Chair

I still have to use the electric chair for big shopping trips-today I was able to go to Target AND Walmart grocery. At Walmart, I unloaded my cart and wheeled up to the credit cart machine and waited while the clerk did his thing.

A lady pushed up behind me and said "would you move so I can get through?" so I moved up to let her and her cartload pass. Then she said "I'm sorry, I need to get over there," indicating another line, "would you mind going out to the front of the store?"

I kept calm and said "actually, yes I would. You DO realize I am in line checking out at the moment and this is not an aisle?" and she got soooooooo flustered. She said "Oh, I'm sorry, I thought you were with her," and pointed to the stranger behind me who had her own cart of groceries. "I didn't realize you bought groceries."

I should have kept my mouth shut, but I couldn't. I said "well, how the hell do you think I'm suppposed to eat?"

Now, the electric chair alone is concession enough for me-I can load that sucker down and shop with the best of them. But being asked to move out of line while being checked out is just a bit much.

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Michele said...

What an awful woman! I think most people just live in their own world focusing on only what matters to them at the time and have total disregard for anyone else. I'm glad you stood up to her. Maybe she'll think twice before behaving that way again.