Sunday, July 1, 2007

Hanging Out

We are going to dig in an unpack today-many hands make light work. It's been an adjustment to have people who want to help me-I'm just not used to it. I'm beginning to understand how overwhelmed Uncle John must have been-he was far more isolated than I.

I displayed inherited hoarding behavior. Went to the grocery store and they had slightly out of date carmel/chocolate swirled Hershey's chips for (big pause and raised eyebrows) A QUARTER. So, I bought a dollars worth.

Then I got to the car and remembered I don't cook, I don't hoard and I don't need 4 bags of chocolate waiting for just the right crisis-so I took them to Mom. I also gave her my 4 tomatoes-pennance for giving her unhealthy things.

Memories keep plopping into my head. I've been back to OKC lots since leaving-but usually just straight to Mom and Dad's. Now I'm snooping off the beaten path again and memories just appear. It's really weird to come back home and find out home has changed.

I am 5 blocks from the house I grew up in (first 18 years of my life), 2 blocks from my grade school 1/2 a mile from the first boyfriend I ever had, 2 blocks from my former best friends house....Now my life wasn't all sunshine and roses, but it wasn't thundershowers either, and the good times are what pop up most often.

And, my old friends age and experience are on my side too-when the bad things pop up, I know that they are over. It's done, past and resolved. The boogy man doesn't live here any more.

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