Saturday, June 30, 2007

Code Yellow

Officially out of crisis mode now-all are moved and accounted for and safe. The rest is just window dressing.

Mom and Dad are antsy and today is "their day" to help me unpack. They have been going mad with the desire to help, so today, this one's for them. And for me. I'm very glad of the help-I particularly hate unpacking the kitchen and Mom seems to like it. She'd like it better if I had food in the house. Peanut butter and bagel bread does not constitute a larder. She brought me some key lime yogurt.

I will have to address the food issue. I'm not sure what the delivery situation is in OKC and in my family eating out is a treat not the way of life it has become for me. The only food I brought with me from Texas was three bags of poi and three dark chocolate bars (from California) and 2 cases of wine. I have a clean culinary slate.

To that I have added one jar of natural peanut butter, some almonds, some all fruit spread and bagel bread. Mom has supplied one bottle of water and one key lime yogurt. Apparently she is afraid I will not be able to make it across Carol's yard in the event of a hunger emergency.

Empty fridge's to her and her generation are a bad thing-to be avoided at all cost. To my generation of overweight consumers, an empty fridge means nothing to clean up and no temptation to over eat. Sue loves my empty fridge and I love Sue for loving it.

Ahhh, the missing part has begun. I just spent last week with Sue and the kids while I finished up in Dallas, and I swear that I woke up yesterday and watched Maggie and the Ferocious Beast. I didn't cry, but I really missed talking about it with the girls.

Code yellow-no crisis, but still not normal. I'm totally clueless at this point as to what normal is going to look like-but the beauty of being 46 is that I know it will pretty much look like what I decide it's going to look like.

Out of respect to my parents I will keep the front and backyards tidy and the living room/kitchen ready for visitors. I actually have visitors in Oklahoma.

That's as far as I've gotten in my "what it's going to look like" but this is only the first second morning I've had coffee in my home, and the first one I've gotten to write. I'm sure the rest will come.

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