Sunday, June 17, 2007

Get Er Done

Another trip to Oklahoma, a little more progress-My head is spinning-SHIT, how am I going to do this, WHAT was I thinking.

LOL-that's why they call it the comfort zone-you may not be happy there, but you are comfortable. Just how many times does a gal have to turn her life upside down? Trouble with me is, if I get too comfie, I get bored, and chaos happens. Or, if something nice happens, I feel guilty.

Yet, I still care what people think. Let me just say it is hard to be me.

I'm not blogging every day, but my goal is to blog true to what is going on in my life and then maybe some day I'll have time to make sense of it.

I did my errands all the way home from Oklahoma-that was an out of the box thinking spell-why does it matter if the Walgreens is in Dennison or Dallas? Same stuff. There are some benefits to cookie cutter towns and stores.

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