Saturday, June 2, 2007

How the hell did I get on this roller coaster?

The flu coma lasted a couple of days and I new that despite feeling like hell it was the respite I needed. Now I am sitting in a shambles of a house (aquariums on the way out, wine on the way in), TV on the way out, Scotty in limbo, new house in limbo, job on the way out not a clue on the way inn, piles of paperwork left to go through for John, taxes to file and I'm thinking to myself how long can this go on?

The great wall of chihuahua has been put up to guarantee my own peace of mind (read poidogz blog for all that good dish). The two big uns are STILL at the kennel-I am here to tell you that flu knocked me OUT and I could barely cope with the two that made it home.

Ah, yes grasshopper (says the voice in my head) this is the part of change you really don't like much. The bank vault opens, huge wads of cash fly out the door and it seems the tide will never turn. Unlike a friendly Hurricane, where you can say "shit happens", this is self directed change where you are required to say quite often "what the hell have I done?" Usually the point where you begin saying this is right after the point of no return.

Oh crap, the dogs have breached the wall.

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