Sunday, June 10, 2007

A letter to cousins and bro

John's a little freaky about moving and I don't blame him, but I just have to push through and get us moved. This is the icky part that I absolutely despise, having to stand up, be calm and proceed for both of us. I think I've got everything paced and spaced so I can accomplish what I need to accomplish without ripping my leg a new one or completing having a breakdown, but there is always that unknown and room for error thing.

The good news for me (and Sue and Jay who are moving to Florida) is that I know it's normal and natural at this stage to think OMIGOD what have I done, I'm changing everything and it's too late to go back.......

John thinks he'll be OK if I bring him up some proper quaker oat nutritrion bars with approved fat content so that he won't get heart disease while I'm gone for two days. They have to be the little square ones.

It's touch and go about what to tell him what not to tell him. He was very concerned that he would sign the new credit card (old one expired) in the wrong place and then got really concerned when I tore up the old one....we had to go out immediately to verify that the new one would work. So, anything that involves signing things is not a good thing.

I really do feel good (as does everyone else) about where he's going-but I know that increased family contact is kind of a stressor for him too. Yet, when the actual event happens, he likes it. I took him with me to change the oil in my truck and one of my co-worker was there and he really enjoyed visiting with her-but he wouldn't have gone if he'd know she was going to be there......agggggh.

Mom and Dad seem to just be ready for me to be there and are not pushing the coming back and helping me pack thing.....thank God. There is a time to sort, and a time to throw things away-and Sue tells me I will not go to hell if just put it on the curb because some trash picker will have a really nice's like donating to the Goodwill, only doing it directly.

This past year has been nothing but moving and sorting through stuff. I am so sick sick sick of stuff I cannot tell you. Furniture, THINGS, what stays, what goes-who cares? And then you have to (when moving) make sure all your stuff is INSURED in both places, even the stuff you no longer want, cause if a trash picture cuts his finger you could be sued.

Another lessoned learned-don't tell insurance companies you have pet snakes. It just isn't worth the hassle.

Dolly (Mom's dog) isn't eating-so I don't think she'll be with us much longer. Mom asked me what I thought and I said "well, I think she's old and she's dying and we just have to let her" and she agreed. If she needs help then I'll take her in to the vet for them-I am hoping for a die in her sleep kind of thing, but we'll see. That raises the well known I can't get another dog cause I'll outlive it issue but for now living next door Mom will have Dottie and Prissy to spoil and that will ease things.

Mom actually picked Prissy out as a back up for me when Dottie goes (we all know that won't be a good thing when that happens) so we have about 8 years of risk free dog life before any of us has to worry.......

Sorry about the long ramble a lot is going on and I have the feeling that some of the things that look important aren't and some of the thing that don't look important are.....and it's hard trying to figure it all out.

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