Thursday, June 21, 2007


I knew to call my Mom tonight so she could tell me that Dolly (their dog) died. When we spoke earlier she was going to the vet. Mom talked and talked and talked and finally I asked and she said "I hoped you wouldn't ask, I don't want to upset you'...and I said "Oh, Dolly died."

Families speak in the most cryptic languages-most of it unspoken. If Dolly had been a human, she might have hung on till things settled down, but Dolly was a dog, and when it's time to go, they go.

I am under strict orders not to buy another dog on the way home. Dottie and Prissy are at my folks house, so they will have canine company. I have the cat and the snakes. Lucky me.

I took a nap on the floor (hardwood) and when I woke up the old cat was sound asleep...ON ME. No hardwoods for her-complete fat Okie ass cushion. Lots goin on, lots to sort out-the road is lookin good (after a bath and a nap).

I've been avoiding John because things are just too crazy and I don't want to worry him-but I also know he knows exactly what is going on. He's family too and communicates better the silent way than verbally.

I had a whole rif I wanted to write about whether it was better to pay 5.95, get 5 things and eat three of them, or order what you want and pay 8.00 at Arby's. But right now that doesn't seem to matter. Who cares?

The thing that Dolly-dog knows is that there is no good time for crisis or dying or any of those unpleasant things. We'd all be better off if we just did what we needed to when we needed to.

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