Monday, June 25, 2007

So much to say

I'm very much in one foot in front of the other mode-but one habit I'm gonna have to break is to think what I'm doing now isn't important and that what I NEED to do is where I really NEED to spend my time. That is a recipe for being unhappy. It's the whole live in the now concept-not a bad idea. Wish I'd thought of it.

The cubicle has arrived and I could spend a month driving it around town looking like a big tough modern truck hauling woman, but I am taking it to be wired tomorrow and then will load it up on Wednesday. I love the cubicle. It matches my truck (both are navy blue). I can load it myself and I can drive it myself-at least going forward. I'm going to give backing it up a go later on this afternoon when the cars clear off the road.

More boxes to pack-the van didn't hold all the necessities-but it's going to feel good to walk away from this STUFF. I've enjoyed sorting through it, but there is more sorting to do in OKC and I need to be in one place again.

Playing with Sue's kids has been the most healing thing that could have happened. Children are so young and new and full of wonder. They have misgivings too, but a torn up beach towel provides enough comfort to get through anything.

Tonight I am fixing dinner-Hannah's choice-pineapple and hot dogs, strawberries and whipped cream. Yum! I should probably take a bath-it's been a few days. And I need to see Uncle John today.

Life without a schedule or a load of appointments is really weird, and I seem to need the appointments and deadlines to get things done at all....but I also need rest-and I need to value those kinds of needs more than I do. It's OK to spend an afternoon talking to the girls....really. It's not immoral and the world won't end if you just goof off.

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Michele said...

Most of us don't goof off nearly enough.