Sunday, July 22, 2007

I'm bacccccck

Skipped Vegas-I was at the airport earlier and took a flight back through Phoenix. In Pheonix I met Carmelita-82 years old and flying to OKC for a family reunion. Carmelita was blind, so I helped her into the bathroom. It made me feel really good to help someone-even mostly wheelchair bound and with a belly full of holes, I could do some good.

I volunteered to sit with two unsupervised minors-this was not a self less act-they are usually well behaved. We visited for awhile, then I dozed while the kids (strangers to each other) shared their toys and their candy and just generally had a good time. I tried out my dog theories-on the kids-be quiet, not excited and it seemed to work-the kids settled in really quickly.

Mom and Dad picked me up and Mom's first question was "so, what have you eaten?" She really wants to know what I can/should have so that she can have that available. I appreciate this, and the fact that she makes the best iced tea on the planet. I'll be walking down this afternoon for some iced tea and visit.

I slept really well last night-it's much easier to sleep with a cat on your pillow than without.

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