Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Heading down the runway

Took the dogs in so I could feed the snakes without their "help", and ate my last solid meal-a lovely omelet (bacon,cheese, avocado, onion) and hash browns and toast. The Old Chinese (don't remember its real name) is now an Omelet place that Mom and Dad have never tried. That will change soon as eggs are about to become a big part of my diet. Actually, eggs and beans are my main source of protein during the summer months anyway.

I went to Alligator Alley to feed the alligator-it was my treat for the day.

Came back home, blogged about the dogs and how much I missed them.

Omigosh, while at the vet the receptionist made an appointment for a Mr. Cable-and I asked her if it was Ron Cable, my old biology teacher from high school. It was, so I left him a note. He might have some real insight into the Oklahoma City market and what a girl can do with a handful of dogs, a lot of snakes and a desire to help people. At the very least he can give me the low-down on teaching in OKC so I can see if it's a viable thought.

The chance encounter aspect pleases me as well. It's kind of nice that the universe is putting potential ideas, resources in my path. Frankly (big surprise) I'm well out of my comfort zone-the corporate zoo was at least familiar. This whole closer to family thing and lack of pretension is really strange. Not bad strange, or at least not all bad. But strange.

The funniest thing is-even though part of me wants to say "hey look, I didn't turn out so bad I have a ton of degrees and I'm a kind person," what I REALLY want to tell Mr. Cable about is my snakes and that I got to see a real live honest to god Great White Shark last fall. YOu know the really important stuff.

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