Thursday, July 19, 2007

Expect the Unexpected

Finding a 5 foot python on my back steps when I was going out to the garage was not on this nice list obesity help sent me....but that's what I found. Tarzan was asleep with his little head tucked on an empty mouse box....

It was 3 am and I was too bleary and hungry to be distraught about what could happen...he could get outside, a multi hundred dollar SNAKE on the loose....I just got the snake hook, picked him up, cuddled him (he was chilled from the floor) and put him back up-securing the top of his container a little better.

Tarzan's eyes, I noticed, are now silver like Molly's. In fact, I woke Molly up trying to put Tarzan in her tank. No time to ponder IF that was in fact Tarzan-when the time comes to breed they can figure it out for themselves...


Some things you can expect:

Expect that there will be such a flurry of activity after you arrive at the hospital that won't have any time to worry or be scared.
Expect that you might wake up feeling very cold. Don't worry, they will put warm blankets on you.
Expect to feel some pain as you wake up. They will give you pain medication.
Expect that once you are nicely awake, you will be transferred to your room and be able to see your family there.
Expect them to get you out of bed within a few hours, even if getting out of bed is the LAST thing you might feel like doing. If no one does, DEMAND that they do. This is extremely important to reduce the chance of blood clots.
Expect to take DEEP breaths as often as you can remember to. This will keep your lungs in the best shape.
Expect to feel thirsty. This is normal but you will probably be getting plenty of fluids through your IV.
Expect to be awakened several times through the night. They have to take your vital signs and check your dressing every so often.
Expect that if you have any complication, these things usually get resolved within days. Report any changes to your doctor right away. Watch your temperature after you go home at least a couple times a day and if it is above 100, tell your doctor. Don't ever worry about "bothering" the doctor, just call when needed.
Expect that your friends here at are here for you!!!
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