Sunday, July 15, 2007

Look Ma Just Like Me!

I finally found a group of people who have the same foot condition I do-their misshapen feet look exactly like mine, they can't wear high heels and some of them can't walk at all. I feel like that pudgy girl in the video for "No Rain", you know, the one that dresses up like a bumble bee and gets laughed at and then finds an entire field of bees.

I am surprised at the depth of my reaction-yes, I cried when I saw some of the foot photos, because it felt so good to know there were others out there. All these years of trying to pass for normal and keep up with people who had arches in their feet was a little harder than I thought. And, I finally took a minute to acknowledge that I've had considerable pain over the years.

Feeling connected to others is so important, isn't it?

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