Monday, July 16, 2007

Thank You Mother Nature

The scene: me sipping coffee eyeing the wreckage of my living room and thinking "no matter where you go, there you are...." and composing yet another diatribe on messiness and my upbringing and justifying it by saying that I accomplish things besides cleaning. Good stuff, you can read it later. Because I got a sign.

I was looking out the window trying to focus my eyes and I noticed something glinting in the pine tree. The pine tree was planted by the first husband of the lady that died here, she loved it and I am leaving it alone. But, I digress. Back to the glint.

My first thought was trash, but that I realized I was looking at a bona fide sign. A rather large snake had shed its skin. It either climed the tree to eat the baby birds in the nest, or momma bird brought it to feed to feather her nest. Since the skin was newly shed, I'm going with the snacking/shedding theory. But I digress. Back to the sign.

I grabbed my camera and snapped away, praising Mother Nature for giving me this clear signal to shed my skin-drop the past. Just in case I missed it, the residendt dove (probably her nest) scolded me too.

Yes there is a huge differnce between wallowing and reflecting, and I was starting out my Monday by dipping my toes in the mud of a well used wallow. Shed your skin-let it go.

I don't get many bona fide signs, so this one really excites me. And, having a big old snake living in my flowerbed is fun too (I am pretty sure that's where he makes his summer residence, or maybe under my shed. But I digress.

I got a sign. Shed your skin. Let it go.

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