Monday, July 23, 2007

Monday Monday one more day.....

This one aint so bad really-no surgery looming, actually, not one single life altering decision to make today. No moving, nada, nothing. Yay.

Mexico worked its magic again-I just let down and let go as soon as I crossed the border. The tightness in my chest and the worry evaporated-I love Mexico.

Back here in OKC I got to drink my first protein drink today. EAS Myoplex Light (Carb Control) is my poison of choice. Low sugar, low cal and tasty. It wins out over Medifast drinks because you can sip on it slowly for an hour or so-leave a Medifast sitting and it turns to horrible gunk in a few minutes. Hey, you don't get as fat as I am without knowing your way around the diet aisle.

I'm sprinkling probiotics on everything-have a bit of the trots from fruit juice and antibiotics. Ok, that might be TMI. When people ask "how are you doing?" they really don't want to know the details do they?

I did have a delayed wave of "what if what if" roll over me last night, but the only answers I could come up with was "it didn't happen so let it go." Really, surgery in Tijuana is probably no more dangerous than swimming with a Great White, and I fully intend to do that too.

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