Sunday, July 29, 2007

Did I run out of things to say?

No, not really, just didn't want to say any of it. Friday was my daughter's birthday. We are estranged because she does a lot of drugs and I won't be a part of that. I've never seen my granddaughter, but I wish them both well.

On Friday, Uncle John and I went for a bit of shopping and I took a long nap. And yes I was very sad.

Yesterday I had to put down one of my snakes. Alfred was a gamble from the start-a wild caught adult ball python. Not a good idea, but I wanted to try. He never ate, including the chick I offered him as a last ditch effort. Now I have a pet chick, because I can't offer it to another snake in case Alfred had something contagious. And while chick as snake food doesn't bother me in the least-killing chick because you don't WANT it to be snake food isn't cool.

And I thought I have sunk low at times-too low to be SNAKE FOOD, that's low.

Anyway, Alfred is sleeping with the frozen rats and the chicken is peeping around in a box on the sunporch. Funny old world, eh?

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