Thursday, July 19, 2007

45 minutes to taxi

Undies are almost dry, everything else is assembled in the chair next to my backpack. Old blue was no where to be found, I'm taking the Swiss Gear-smaller than blue, but well padded in case I bring back a delicate vanilla.

I'm taking:
Money about 200 in cash. A couple of credit cards and a debit card.
My cell phone
tooth brush
gas x strips
An extra pair of shorts
A shirt set to wear home
A tank top for tomorrow
A mumu and a t-shirt sleep shirt
panties (no bra-it's Mexico for pity sakes)
reading glasses
A book
My cane
few vials of eye wash
my car keys and house key

Shoes are kinda iffy-I'm leaning towards the crocs-not the best walking shoes but easy to get in/out of.

No laptop-how long has it been since I went anywhere without one? I didn't take one to California in May...Ok, so it hasn't been THAT long.

The snake has been secured and the cat has returned to the house. (She slipped out when I was tossing the uneaten rats from the ball python babies)

I hate not having a laptop to write on. Right now I'm in list making/final countdown mode, but soon I'll be in the midst of an adventure and great thoughts will abound.

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