Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Down with Dr. /Insurance Company Tyrants

Ok worms, here it goes-no holds barred. How DARE you take someone who comes to you with an eating problem and make them 1. PROVE they can't lose weight without help (insurance hoop) and 2. PROVE they WILL lose weight if you promise to give them a band. (dr. hoop).

That's like taking a diabetic and making them document their coma's and then show their loyalty by giving up all sugar for 6 months beforing offering to give them treatment.

It's abusive, cruel and demeaning-and no one will fight it because people want their bands and WLS so they comply comply comply.

The self pay route is a lot less horrific. BUT, if the doctor can make money on 15K (in USA) WHY does he bill the insurance company 30-35K? While all of you play your mind/money games, people are being denied treatment that will help them live, be more productive and less of a burden on our overburdened medical system.

Shame on you.


Michele said...

OMG: the day after I read your post, I got a bill from my doctor saying my insurance company wouldn't cover "pre pregnancy consultations." What a bunch of jerks. And you know they hope you'll just pay it and not fight it.

Michele said...

But wait there's more. I'm having a minor surgery in a few weeks. I got a bill from the hospital for $790ish dollars saying that was the amount I had to pre-pay before the surgery. I called and asked the lady to give me a total for the cost of the surgery. "Well, I can't because lots of other doctors will be involved and they bill separately." So this $700 plus is for all those other doctors as well? "oh no, it's just the hospital charges." So give me a total for just the hospital changes? "I can't, lots of other doctors are involved." Apparently, the telemarketing script only gave her one choice for overcoming my objection. I never found out the total.