Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Michele is taking flight

EVERYONE is on the move. It's a happenng thing in my group of friends. It's funny how we all started migrating at about the same time, and all for completely different reasons. We can take comfort in each other's angst over our "stuff", what to take, what to leave, what can we could never live without.

My own needs are pretty simple-good heat, good A/C, hot and cold running water, no carpet or curtains, fenced backyard. I've pared down to 2 bedrooms, but that is with a garage and an outbuilding, so I am not sure I've really made progress. I've just come to recognize that the majority of my stuff is outdoor stuff.

Today was a good day. Mom and I took Uncle John to lunch. Mom had never eaten at Applebee's and I wound up ordering for everyone or we would have never eaten. I'm learning to step in and do it without hurting feelings. After we visited with John, we went to Walmart Grocers and I played around in the electric chair while Mom shopped. I picked up some post surgery items-my favorite protein drink, some water, some Gas X strips and some of that thinning hair crap.

Better use it and get really hairy than to lose it and be bald.

I have oodles to do-some surgery/trip related, some just stuff I am way behind on, but today I just focused on spending time with my family. I'm going to Arby's tongiht to get a Reuben to split with Mom, Dad is having Mom's sanwich from lunch and the Curly Fries. We are all comforted by this-them more than me. I know I will still be able to eat after the surgery, but to them it seems like I am giving it all up.

I have loads of stuff on my mind-new business ideas, my never ending battle with clutter, but today seems like a pause and chill day. I'm still waiting for the OMIGOD feeling to hit me and it just hasn't.

The lapband people said I could call them if I needed to-but even if I did call to ask if they would be sure and pick me up on Thursday, I still wouldn't be comforted. I won't be comforted till Thursday, when I see them at the airport. At that point the OMIGOD feeling will probably hit.

At this point it doesn't seem real, but in case it is, I've made all the necessary preparations. It hit me that I'm not procrastinating because it IS real-really real real. Omigod. (Only lowercase though-just practicing).

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