Thursday, July 5, 2007


Daddy actually said I had a good idea about a building project (snake rack on modular shelves). AND-he admitted he didn't know what a fair price was for building demolition. I am paying 200 bucks for building demo, and he said immediately "that's too much" so I asked him what he thought I should do and he said "I don't know".

It really is just a life long habit for him to criticize me because building things is NOT my forte. However, ordering people around and hiring people to do things for me-I have vast experience in that arena. I know it bothers Daddy that he can't do more (he spent all day breaking down boxes for me) but shit, it bothers me that I can't do more.

The day to day closeness is causing each of us to realize how much we have hidden from the other in terms of physical limitations. We are all a little bit slower than we've led people to believe. But today, Mom unpacked the kitchen, Daddy broke down boxes and unloaded the cubicle and I cleaned out the camping supplies and unpacked boxes. We all had a water break and really just enjoyed doing things together.

I'm beginning to realize that comments like "we really need to get the roses finished" isn't criticism, but just excitement at having a project. The neighbors are happy to see us coming and going-this has really been one of my better ideas, although a week ago I was questioning my own sanity.

Daddy's going to buy a new computer tomorrow (he hates his laptop) and is talking about driving to Louisiana for a little gamble. I may go too, although I haven't yet been invited.

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Michele said...

Sounds like you guys are having a great time in spite of having to unpack : )