Monday, September 3, 2007

Head In the Sand

Once upon a time I went to Mexico with a couple who were about to be divorced. Only one of the couple knew it, and me. A strange time was had by all.

I feel the same way about the upcoming trip. I'm taking my parents down to Austin (which doesn't thrill them at all) and to Houston to see the Grandkids and back to Waco to see an old neigbhor (which does thrill them). Even if I don't talk with my mother about "the issue" until afterward, I already know it's going to happen.

Once upon a time I ran away from these self same people (my parents, not the couple in Mexico). I moved with my BF into a Serro Scotty (go back and read the beginnng of the blog). I was trying so hard to get away from THEM. And now I am trying so hard to figure out how to keep them around a little bit longer.

All the distance and indulgences and jobs and things of import I have carefully put between us are pretty much gone.

A little over a year ago I lived in Dallas, I had a nice paying job, I traveled a lot and I talked to my parents once a week or so. Often I called them from where ever I was. Now I live two houses down, I don't have a "real job" and we can no longer avoid what is happening.

To add a layer of weirdness, I knew it was happening, or I thought so. This was why I moved back to Oklahoma. There has to be bonus points in there somewhere for walking into it when you knew it was going to be bad.

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