Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Turd in the Shoe (part 2)

I was going through some old images I have, and I found this. I think I originally posted it on Poidogz as an example of amazing a performance artists the dogs I share my home with can be. But now, few months later, I still love this image.

I love the skill it took to place the turd in the shoe-and the fact that it was a one shot deal-no moving of turds after they are placed. If the shartiste was Greta, she did it at a time when she only had one good back leg.

I also get a sense of safety on behalf of the turd-it's a turd, yes, in a shoe, but the shoe protects it from the world of stomping feed and thundering chihuahua herds. The shoe's partner is nearby, helping to watch over the turd, and perhaps the other shoe.

But who am I? The turd, or the shoe or the shartiste? Maybe I'm all three.