Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Sometimes you need a little finesse

Mom was having trouble adding something up and I took the opportunity to suggest we go to the Dr. When she said "huh?" I said "I noticed you've been forgetful lately and a little bit cranky." (understatement of the year I assure you).

She said she wasn't interested, but the thing is, my heart is telling me that that opened the door for her to bring it up some time in the future. We'll see.

Daddy popped a tendon so now all three of us are limping around like chubby little frankenstein monsters. Mom let me order another pair of shoes for her because the only thing that really works for her now are the crocs, so I asked her to let me try. She agreed, then Daddy popped HIS tendon. He doesn't listen to me at all.

Actual scenes from my life: A TALE OF TWO MONITORS

In my living room putting together snake cages and computer monitors with Daddy and Bill.

Daddy: You have the same flat screen monitor as I do

Me: Cool

Daddy:Where did you get yours?

Me: Circuit City

Daddy: Mine cost less, I got it at Walmart

Me: I'm sure you're right about that.

Bill: Now wait-how much was yours Daddy?

Daddy : 195

Bill: Deb?

Me (thinking game/set/match): 189, plus got 400 airline miles and it was ready at the door when I got there.

In Daddy's living room, Daddy and Bill have just returned from Doctor. I am using the electrostimulator leg treatment voodoo machine I bought for myself and ended up taking down the street for public consumption and Daddy is fiddling with his new blood pressure monitor.

Mom enters from the kitchen and looks at the Monitor

Mom: What is that?

Daddy: Blood pressure monitor, Dr. said I needed one

Mom: Where'd you get it?

Daddy: Walgreens

Mom: It would have been cheaper at Walmart.....Debra Kay, WHAT is so damn funny?????

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