Wednesday, September 26, 2007


The Universe eeems to be relentless in wanting me to deal with certain issues these days. I have decided to surrender to it and just look at them as they arise. No time table-if the dishes don't get done-they just don't get done.

I used a phrase in another post "the weight of other people's expectations" and that resonated with me. That seems to be the burden I always select to be my own. Any project I undertake suddenly becomes infused with other people's opinions, ideas. And while that is sometimes a positive thing, I believe I take that to a darker place.

Right now I am overwhelmed with all my own ideas and what people will think of them. I miss the distraction of a corporate job-without that distraction I am face to face with ME. Oh MY GOD, the horror.

I realize now that I am running around down familiar paths asking for permission to be me still. And the Universe is saying (much like Yoda) Don't ask, do.

I've been meditating lately and trying to get rid of good bad labels. I've been praying for help. Now it's time to gird up my loins and go out and be me. Whoever that may be.

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