Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Something I posted

On a forum-but I liked it.....

I meditated some more on your post and I came up with this-I'm really good at diving into things and good at things that require super human effort. Weight loss (for a big loss) isn't like that-it requires slow, consistent, regular effort-not my best thing ever. LOL.

The band is there to help us control quantity, but it's up to us to look at the other things and make good choices, which is what you are doing. Some of the things I've confronted in myself are not pleasant-but the band allows us to confront them without eating a bag of potato chips afterward.

We are all releasing weight at the rate that our mnds/bodies will allow-and that is the hardest lesson (for me to learn) is to just be myself. In fact by losing weight we are not changing ourselves, we are becoming ourselves.

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