Friday, September 21, 2007

Question to the Universe

Ok, the maid service said they'd be here at noon instead of 3.....problem is, I won't be here. So they are checking, and here it is-if I have to reschedule I'm going to cancel instead. I am putting it out to the Universe, should I have someone clean my floors or not?

Phone rings. (this is real time writing)

She can't get a hold of the girls. The Universe has spoken, I don't like the answer. But REALLY, after a week of going with the flow I am tired of vendors telling ME what the schedule or the latte is going to be.

Now, I'm an easy house to clean, but high maintenance scheduler-becasue I juggle a lot of schedules. Somebody has to juggle ME-because I'm not going to cancel a lunch date with my parents we've had for a week!!!!!! So I'll go eat ribs and then come home and clean my own dang floors.

The Universe is a tough taskmaster. Next thing you know I'll be asked to give up the lawn guy.

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