Saturday, September 1, 2007

Weird Girl Recipe Faux Fish Tacos

Even before my band I didn't care for flour tortillas, so I had my favorite restaurant make fish tacos with bread. Now bread isn't an option, so I decided to mix up some of my own fish tacos, sans bread. And instead of using fish, I used some of the that faux crab meat.

Bag of crab meat (I used chunky cut, tuna would be nice too or some left over mahi mahi)

Small (cat food size) can of chopped green chilis.

The last of the can of sweet n sour cabbage-between a fourth and a half

Some dried onions

One pack of taco seasoning-I went nuts and used the whole pack and was glad I did.

Blop it all in a skillet and cook till it's hot.

I can see possibilities with corn tortillas but I just ate some Caesar flavored snap peas and used a spoon for my taco mixture.

While I thawed my crab in the microwave I gave myself an electronic reflexiology treatment-way cool.

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