Thursday, September 20, 2007

Parable of Starbucks

I read that a cappucino has 100 less calories than a latte. To treat myself I got up, threw on a sundress and drove myself to starbucks-determined to have a nice morning. At the speaker, I got my first hint that all was not well.

"Have you ever had a capuccino here?" to which I replied "No". I don't talk a lot before I've had my coffee. "Well, it's got less milk than a latte" to which I replied "that's ok". (See, I'm using my new tool).

When I got to the window the barrista came over and said "I made you a latte, I didn't think you'd be happy." to which I just blinked. "I'm sorry," she said, "I'll make you cappucino and you can have this latte too."

I ended up just taking the latte-the line was long and it had all the correct components.

My first thought was "do I just have a sign on my face that says "tell me what to do?" and then I realized there was a message here, somewhere, in the latte.

"What do you want me to learn?" I asked. Is the lesson just let things go if they don't matter? Was it supposed to be to stand up for myself? WHAT WHAT WHAT?

Pressing on, I stopped in at Mom and Dad's in a pre emptive strike. We'd coffee, then I'd announce I had work to do. That is a discreet way of setting boundaries.

"You're up early" said Daddy. I told them, in a very matter of fact tone, about my strange starbuck's experience.

"She should be fired! You should call the manager! I've never heard of such a thing." screeched Mom from the kitchen.

"Well, she was only looking out for my best interest or so she thought. And the line was long. She meant well." I replied.

"It's your business what you want to drink. Even if the latte is the better deal, it's up to YOU to order what you want and her to make it. People can't tell you how to spend your own money!!!!" the squawking continued.

Daddy and I did a really good job of snickering out of earshot.

Parables are supposed to have a point, and I'm unsure of what this one is. I already know that what bothers us most in others is what we don't like about ourselves. Am I bossy? Does Mom drive me nuts because I'm just like she is?

Or was the lesson that it wasn't about ME at all-the lady of the window just wanted to do the right thing, and sometimes she (Mom) doesn't have all the facts,and I shouldn't take it so personally?

I made my way to the car. Mom hollered from the front porch "don't go too far in that dress, you can see your body right through it." and I kept on walking across the lawn and said "I'm just going to the car and I'm wearing underwear."

"WHAT if you'd run out of gas or had a wreck and had to get out of the CAR?" she persisted. "I can SEE your underwear."

"It's ok, I'm wearing nice underwear." I said as I took refuge in the Escape.

I think the lesson of the morning is just not to get all worked up over things that don't matter, latte's or high decibal conversations about your underwear.


Michele said...

So did you get both the cappucino and the latte? If that's the case then it's great. If not, I think the coffee girl has some control issues she needs to work on. If she was afraid you wouldn't like the cappucino, why not just make it and give it to you for free? The world is a strange place.

Debra Kay said...

Nope-just the latte. But I was listening to a tape of Deepok Chopra and Wayne Dryer and the gist of part of it was a person is happier letting the world be the way it is than the way we think it's suppose to be. In the case of the latte, maybe there is something going on in the Universe that I don't know about that precludes my drinking a cappucino. Since (according to Wayne and Deepok) the Present is the Manifestation of the Collective Conscience, the Collective was saying "drink the dang Latte for pity sakes."

Michele said...

Actually, I've kind of been trying to live that way. If something happens that I didn't expect, I'm "attempting" to assume it is the Universe's way of telling me it's supposed to be that way. It doesn't always work but I do think it makes for less stress.