Saturday, September 29, 2007

Oh GOD I've been unbundled

How can a person be nearly comatose and catatonic before 9 am on a Saturday? Well, try to unravel the mysetery of who you are and what your phone number is with ATT and the Dish Network.

ATT and the Dish network aren't sure who I am STILL. I am only sure I've been sending hundreds of dollars to someone on a regular basis and my satellite won't get animal planet. And frankly, I don't remember my phone number in Dallas-I am struggling with getting my NEW number right. I do know my social, but Dish is proud of the fact that they don't track it.

Finally we resolved the mystery of who I was by getting the serial number off the sattellite receiver. Apparently if I have a receiver box I can prove that I exist. Hey, it's something to work with.

I did win one debate. The dish guy said "m'am, there is no need to cuss" and I said "are you getting paid by DISH network?" and he said "Yes" and I said "Well, if you are getting paid by Dish Network, who is currently frustrating me beyond belief for the past 4 months, YOU are going to act as their agent and be cussed at whether or not YOU did the foul up personally yourself or not. Someone is going to be accountable and listen to me."

He finally unloaded me to ATT and I cussed at them a little bit-with the same disclaimer, but they when they sent me back to DISH to pay the DISH people they had no record of me again. So I hung up. I need to regroup and refocus and figure out who I am again.

But this whole-It wasn't ME thing-isn't going to fly. Give me the head of the person in charge, please!


Ellie said...

Wow. Is ATT and gettin' at ya? Sorry to hear about it. I'm all against cursing, but I guess you were mad, huh? Let us know the outcome.

Best of Luck.

Debra Kay said...

I think letting few cuss words fly every now and then is perfectly OK. It's overdone and done to death on TV, etc. and in comedy, but it still has a place.

BTW-it was a dammit and not directed AT the person, as "you damn idiot". I don't think there is a place for that, ever.