Saturday, September 22, 2007

Get On With It

Since the Starbucks incident, two more people have questioned me about a purchase. Mom doesn't really count, she always does that. I was buying dog food at the vet and the girl behind the counter said "Oh, you can buy Fit and Trim at Walmart, it's really cheap and works good...." and I like the girl so I didn't want to tell her I don't feed grocery store food but I actually had to ask her twice to go the bloody damned reduced calorie dog food. SHIT.

The second one was at Academy Sports, and I'm afraid I lost my temper a bit over that one. I wanted a freestanding punching bag, so that is what I asked for. The guy walked over to the hanging bags and said "You mean one of these?" And I said, "No, I want one that stands on the floor."

He nods and says in a very omniscient way "Oh, you want a FREESTANDING punching bag" and I said "YES, that's why I ASKED for one". So Einstein goes for help and a ladder and at that point I noticed there were two kinds of FREESTANDING bags-well three if you count the one with the man's torso on it but it was like $300 and he looked a bit like a Ken Doll.

"What's the difference between the Everlast and the Freewave?" I asked. Einstein's helper replied "Uh, about 2 dollars" and I said "Fine, I want an Everlast"

Einstein was already at the top of his ladder and he says "But I'm already up HERE" and friends, my go with the flow just flew somewhere else. Before I could stop it, out of my mouth flew (in a scarily cheerful tone) "well, you better get your ass down here then because I want an Everlast."

And then I cracked up laughing at myself and the whole ludicrous situation. And maybe, just maybe that IS going with the flow, because I didn't feel angry or insulted any longer. AND, when I went over to the hunting department and bought my buck knife, no one questioned me.


Michele said...

OK, the Universe is definitely trying to tell you something if this situation keeps coming up again and again. I do think it's that you have to stand up for yourself ... maybe just in a no nonsense kind of way. As a matter of fact, I do want it my way and I'm not giving it a second thought.

Debra Kay said...

I think you are right-it's not just to go along with it-but it's not to get mad either. It's just to quietly stand my ground, like a tree. I am a tree. I am a tree and I want the Everlast boxing thingy. NOW DAMMIT.

Oops,I think I need more practice.