Wednesday, September 19, 2007


The OK thing is working pretty good, but not perfectly. I was unloading the truck (Home Depot and some trash picking) and Mom came down to feed the dogs their treat. I decided that I was not going to hide my flowers (which the neighbor was already hollering about anyway).

We went through the inventory of what I was unloading, where I got it, why I wanted it and how much I paid for it, and if it was free, what I intended to do with it. The grecian lady was inspected and approved, although her placement was guestioned-I wanted her looking back over the roses, mom thought she should be looking out at the street. "That's where I'd put it" she said and I said "OK" while thinking "No, you wouldn't have paid 25 dollars for the damn thing, but if you want one go spend your own 25 and let her face any frickin way you want." Is this maturity-not saying everything I think of?

She wanted to help me unload the entire truck because we'd need it on Sunday when we go to take Uncle John to visit Lee. But, me being the stubborn person that I am only wanted to unload those things that I was interested in working with at the moment.

I decided it was better to finish later so I said "I have to go in now" and added "work to do."...but that started a new line of questioning. What are you working on? What are you doing tonight? And I kind of said "uh, T-shirts, they'll be out on Sunday, gotta go"...and then IT happened.

She realized that I was going to leave the bromiliads out on the sidewalk. "You can't leave those there-someone will take them."

Apparently, you can't leave anything in this neighborhood past your front porch or someone (whoever that is) will steal you blind. They'll even take your bromilieads, by golly.

She moved to help me move them to the porch, but that is where I put the organic potting soil. I'm not really that hard core, but the new flowerpots and bromiieads are actually for the snakies to play in, and I needed organic soil for them. Oh shit.

"Moooooooooom, I'll do it later.................."...ok, so I didn't say OK. But it stopped her from rounding the corner where the organic potting mix was. Whew. Saved. Ok.

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