Saturday, September 1, 2007

EEL!!!!! Thar she blows

Ok, I'm turning into Mom with all the food posts-but today's find was canned smoked eel at the Asian food store. Well, it was actually a lot more than that, but I got 6 cans of smoked eel and some Unagi sauce. Since I can't eat the rice with sushi, I'm good to go. Got a tube of wasabi and I already have sushi ginger because I eat it like it's going out of style.

Most of the Asian markets are over in the near north side - OKC is still fairly segregated. But, in a nice new shopping center was a nice BIG Asian market and I had a big old time loading up on things I thought you had to go to China or California or at LEAST Dallas to get.

I must have had a big smile on my face because several people commented on how happy I looked. No one there thought it odd that I stocked up on eel, jackfruit, dried mustard and sea salt.

And, as I was driving out of the center, I saw it. A Pho house. Oklahoma may be civilized after all.

The nice thing about Pho is that even if I find I can't eat the noodles, there will be plenty of other stuff in the brew that will fill me up. I can't wait to go try out the Pho house! In Sunnvyale (California) the Pho house was a little refuge for me from the duel job of my real job and sorting out Uncle John's affairs. English was rarely spoken and I could go there and sit and enjoy a bowl of soup and not be distracted by conversation or evesdropping. From the blue roof I surmised it began life as an IHOP, but I liked it much better as a Pho house.

At Big Lots I found several nice bottles for my voodoo potion (mustard foot soak) so I stocked up for gifting purposes. At the Natural Food store I found, wonder of wonders, Tofu shaped like spaghetti noodles. I know I can eat tofu and have steered clear of pasta since it's not really worth getting stuck for.

I've been halfway praying for a sign of some sort to know that I'm still on the right track with this move and embarking on home business, lap bands and my current reptile fascination. I've really felt lost in the past few days-but a town that stocks several brands of smoked eel is MY kind of town.

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