Friday, September 21, 2007

My inner self and doggy vision

My inner self is not a practical being-I'm a dreamer. I just wrote on Poidogz about my vision of a neighborhood united by rescuing dogs. Ok, there is some self serving in that-if I got the neibhbors to foster dogs I could play with them (the dogs, not the neighbors). But there are a lot retired people around here, and if 10 people each took a dog in, fed it, trained it they'd either keep it (and that's ok) or they'd place it in a good home and take another.

These are the kinds of dreams that always get crushed under the weight of practicality and that shouldn't be.


Perriette said...

As a dog lover, I really like this dream. I've had a dream since teenhood of opening my own animal shelter - a very special one, of course. sigh.

Debra Kay said...

My other blog, Poidogz, talks about that in more depth. My friend Sue and I want to open a farm for fat bottomed animal that no one loves any more. My current household includes a one eyed elderly chihuahua who has a bad knee and a bad heart, an even older chihuahua who needed to be rehomed, a long coat chihuahua with social anxiety disorder and a "free" chihuahua that has cost me over 2K since I took her in this year, 8 horned lizards, 1 old cat and 20 something snakes.