Friday, February 29, 2008

Arising from the Ashes-Resurrecting old Dreams

I seem to be running around in ever tightening circles don't I? Buy buy buy-forsake all material horses....go back to a brand new camper.

I could beat myself up some more, but there is a constant here-the search, the quest. Maybe the thing that made humans so successful is the very thing that drive us crazy when we achieve success. We don't know what to do with abundance, and yet we keep trying to get more.

I was actually considering buying self watering raised plant beds (glorified flower pots). I do want raised beds-in the long run it will make for easier gardening. So, without further adieu-I'm going to drill holes in the sides of my snack racks for drainage and set them on their side. Without the tubs, a snack rack is a square ABS Plastic box (in black which retains heat just like the raised beds). Why pay $100 for a square PVC plastic box with holes in it? Why give the snake racks away because of painfu reminders? Why dig in dumpsters for things to repurpose when I already have things to repurpose?

So, for this new phase, I am going to resurrect items and give them new life. What a fun spring project!

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Forever Young said...

you are too much girl, i love reading your internal dialogues, and then the final outcomes.