Sunday, February 3, 2008

Is Personal Growth Tiring?

Yesterday was kind of a breakthrough day (in a good way) for me, and today I just have zero energy and ambition. I did work out some, but not enough to be this tired.

So, I do see some wisdom in Mom's stickler to routine routine. She gets things done, tired or not. But my way gets things resolved, after 40 years or so of ruminating. Thank goodness the cat is yowling in the garage to be let in, or I might just lie on this couch forever.

Or, I might, as I just did, go let her in and then return to my musings.

So, why is personal growth draining? I can see why stress would be, but growth is a good thing. Of course, sex is a good thing, and done properly, it can be quite tiring as well.

I believe I will plant some onions today. I bought some, gave some to Mom, and will plant some of my own. I don't eat that many onions, but dang it, I wanted to grow some of my own to pull and give to people. It's like Shirley Mclaine's great line in Steel Magnolias, "I don't know WHY I do it, I'm an old southern lady, we grow things in the dirt. It's what we do."

I actually have quite a lot planned. I'm going to grow yellow squash, zuchini, eggplant and cucumbers since I now have a sunny backyard. Mom is in charge of the tomatos. She's going to experiment -plant again in her "cart garden" that she moves around to get sun, and my "high dollar" upside down tomato garden that I ordered "from the computer". We are both curious to see which will work better, and looking forward to the harvest.

But, first must come the spring, and the growth.


Michele said...

I love gardens. I so wish I had a place for one. I'll have to just live through you and your gardens ; )

Forever Young said...

seems to me that no matter how tiring personal growth is (and it is) you are getting a whole lot out of it, even just time spent with mom in the garden is precious in your road to healing.