Thursday, February 14, 2008

The sky is falling----or the roof

Enroute to Dallas yesterday I came down with the flu, making the return trip longer and more painful than it needed to be. This is a nasty bug, involves puking and running noses at the same time. I made the round trip and fell into bed.

The roofers showed up at around 8:30. I still have the flu, making the roofing expereince a lot longer and more painful than it needs to be. It's now 12:10 and I'm losing my delight at the percussive noise-like drums on my rooftop.

Mom went to have lunch with Uncle John and take him the Valentine cookies. I do feel guilty for not going, but bringing in a bug to an institution full of residents is probably bad form.

I don't have any gatorade and I don't feel like leaving the house, and I certainly don't feel like asking for help. SO-I combined honey (sugar) and vanilla soy milk (some protein) and I'll be darned if it didn't settle my stomach and make me feel a little better. Now, I'm not claiming this is a miracle cure, anything on a completely empty stomach would probably make you feel a little better, but it did work by staying down and and by supplying energy.

Yikes, the roofers have taken a lunch break-time for a power nap!!!


Michele said...

So sorry we don't live closer to each other becasue the last time Neil was sick, I brought home two giant bottles of Gatarade and his mom brought over two giant bottles. They were on sale at Tom Thumb - 2 for $5. Neil drank about half of one so we have a lot of extra Gatarade lying around. Feel better soon.

Fern said...

and feel better soon.

'cause I said so.

Debra Kay said...

I used to always keep bottle of Gatorade-single serving though. I can't face an entire giant bottle all at once...LOL.

Forever Young said...

ohmigod this flu is so awful, sending you lotsa chicken soup and warm fuzzies. feel better real soon.

Forever Young said...

ohmygoodness, not you too, seems it's going round blogland.
now all you do is STOP and rest and here's lotsa chicken soup -catch!

Debra Kay said...

Jewish Penecillan!