Friday, February 15, 2008

Look at all the Pretty Colors

The Okie weather map up in the corner of the TV screen cracks me UP. The state is shaded in either red, green orange or blue. Red is a winter storm warning, orange is travelers advisory, green is flash flood watch and blue is winter storm watch. The blue is kinda wedged between the orange and the green-it's the "we aren't really sure what is going to happen but it's going to be wet" zone.

I was first annoyed with it on the corner of my screen. Okies, are obsessed with the weather. But, in truth, the weather is so varied here you would do your viewers a disservice by not plotting it out. The flash flood people have different worries than the winter storm people.

I'm not going to be snotty and say "bring it on-I have a new roof and NO trees" becaue the power lines go through a lot of yards to get to MY treeless yard, and not everyone has a new roof or even heat. No, this winter has humbled me. That might be a good thing.


kj said...

but then what is the purple?

and debra kay, i lived in norman/okc for a year. i think of you now when i think of oklahoma.


Debra Kay said...

Oh, the purple version is a later map-that is now for sure ice-look out and all that.

I've spent a lot of time in Norman. Did you ever catch Brave Combo?

Forever Young said...

don't talk to me about weather forecasters, they totally annoy me, waste of space.

Debra Kay said...

In Oklahoma they are pretty necessary-at least in the spring. But during a slow weather event, like an ice storm, it gets old old old. Do we need 2:00 updates to tell us it's still cold?

BTW-the sun is out and its 50 degrees today. (Sunday now)