Thursday, February 28, 2008

My Gorilla's Name is Segasira sponsored a gorilla on my behalf. Segasira is the son of Tuck, who is a 35 year old mountaing gorilla living in Rwanda. Tuck's mother was Effie. That would make Effie Segasira's Grandmother, and I too have a Grandma Effie!

Isn't it amazing how small the world really is?

Thank you, Forever Young, for this very special gift. I'm sure you will all be hearing more about MY Gorilla! What's that you say? Oh, I'm sorry. Apparently no one else here HAS a gorilla who has the SAME Grandma as you do....uh, wait. That didn't come out right.

Positive thoughts, not mean kiddo look at MY Gorilla thoughts....

If you would like your own Gorilla you can check it out online at


Forever Young said...

my pleasure, and i'm sure that grandma effie would be so thrilled to know she has a gorilla named after her, they are cutey pies aren't they?

Hilary said...

Hmm i too seem to have gotten the same Gorilla. He is a cutie!