Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday Challenge 1

Instead of griping about it being Monday every Monday-I'm going to try this-the Monday Challenge.

I was contemplating the horse thing again the other night. Do I have this belief that I want a horse but can’t have one…..or do I really just not want a horse?

For instance, if I had all the money I lost on snakes this past year, I could have had a really nice horse. So, why did I buy snakes? It sort of just happened I bought one, and then another and then another. What cosmic influences made me feel it was OK to spend the money on snakes and not horses?

Believe it or not, there are some similarities. Both beasts require husbandry skills, and the bigger snakes, like horses, require some handling skills. Both require equipment and gadgets.

I have been able to afford a horse for years now, but I’ve just never made the time for one. Again, the money I’ve spent on rescuing dogs and cats over the past couple of years would have paid for a nice little gelding.

Honestly, I felt like a failure thinking of these things. But I challenge that idea as well. What is so wrong with NOT wanting a horse? It doesn’t mean I don’t like them a lot, that I won’t go ride every so often. It just means I have chosen not to have a horse. Now I know.

I would challenge you all to look at long held beliefs about yourself-starting with a fairly easy one like “I’ve always wanted a horse” and really look at them. You may, like I did, just surprise yourself.

If, like me, you find your belief was wrong, and you feel bad, I encourage you to push a little deeper. You may find out you’re not such a bad egg after all. And you may, just like I did, begin to look at some other long held beliefs with new eyes.


Forever Young said...

STOP, regrets are useless, you did what you did, you chose what you chose at the time, and it felt right.

Fern said...

Does a woman need a bike AND a horse?

Mim said...

I so agree with you, you have to be careful what you wish for because you might get it. Use your wishes wisely.
But on the other hand, I tend NOT to wish for things or want specific things because I feel that I should be grateful for what I already have - again - choose your wishes carefully.

lots of snakes vs one horse - well, could be for a number of reasons as you say. Avoidance could be one. Not really rewarding yourself could be the second - or as you say - maybe you just really don't want a horse! Bingo.

kj said...

debra kay, you are quite a character! i delight in how you see your world and beneath it all you carry alot of wisdom!

so you don't want a horse?

then what are you going to do with the horse red mojo gave you? do you need me to deliver it to that long steep driveway of hers?


Debra Kay said...

I agree FY, regrets are useless, but suddenly knowing I had a choice in the matter, that's priceless.

Fern, I'm an Okie we ride things. If I had time/space money I'd have a bike, a motorcycle, a horse, a tractor, a boat and a jet ski. If you can get a leg over it, I'm going to climb on and ride.

Mim, I agree, being happy with what you have is the key to true happiness. Because, for most of us, as adults, I think, whether we know it or not, we have what we want and need, or at least we know how to get it.

KJ-Red Mojo's horse helped me see that I wanted the idea of a horse, and I wanted someone to GIVE me a horse (the one I didn't get when I was a kid). I love that horse! If I had wanted a flesh and blood horse, I would have (let's face it) 7 by now. I would like to drive Red's tractor, but not on that driveway....I'm not even sure I'd ride my bike down that driveway....steep=shudders.

Michele said...

I think I could come up with a list of thing that I'm wishing for that I probably really don't want. Hmmm, in my spare time : ) I'll get that list started. Oh wait, more free time IS one of my wishes.

Debra Kay said...

I was not so ambitious as list. I just picked one thing to think about, really thought about it, and came to the conclusion that it's OK not to want a horse.

I'm all about the "snippet" approach now-no big projects, super soul searching-I'm making more progress with short bursts than long hauls.