Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Beam Me Up Scotty: Wow-Not Sure what it means-Surprise...

Beam Me Up Scotty: Wow-Not Sure what it means-Surprise...

This was the last time I had the strength to indulge in midlife crisis navel gazing. I will say, the last three weeks have been a mental relief if not a physical one. Now, three weeks in Mexico would have been preferable, but the Universe gives us what we need when we need it, and maybe Mexico was full or something.

What I've learned is, that the world goes on with or without you. Now I don't feel guilty for not accomplishing many of my todo's in the past three weeks, I was sick. Really sick. But, nothing much happened on the universal front without my participation. My clutter waiting patiently for me. The dogs gained weight at the kennel. (sigh) The ground I tilled is still there waiting for seed.

The shrieking UNDONES didn't go away or change all that much, but the shrieks are somehow muffled now. My new trick is going to be to keep the shrieks muffled so I can begin to deal with these things that are just somehow not as important as they were. In fact, they were only ever elevated to such heights in my own head in order to bludgeon myself with them from a greater distance. And beating myself up about why it wasn't done BEFORE I got sick just seems silly, even to me.

Wow, I do have limits to my own self abuse. Who would have thought?


Michele said...

I read something recently about how we can only be truly happy when we learn to live from our core. I took that to mean living for the things in life that are really important and getting to the rest of the stuff when we have time. It's not a bad plan.

kj said...

i learned this very thing too, debra kay! nothing exploded while i was sleeping.

let's not forget.


Anonymous said...

*my head exploded while you were all gone and no one noticed*!

It's good your shrieks are more muffled now ;)