Friday, February 8, 2008

Invention of the PVC wine rack

I was trying to figure out an easy, lightweight wine rack for my cellar, one that wouldn't disentgrate in the damp. I decided there is a reason why people install sump pumps and pump them out rather than reseal them. So, the cellar will be what it is, a cellar, damp and cool and quiet. But I need the kitchen space, so it's also about to become a wine cellar.

I am going to get some PVC pipe, cut it to appropriate lengths and glue it (I love glue) all together and create my utilitiarian PVC wine rack.

The size and age of this cellar indicates that it probably was more of a bomb shelter originally than just a storm shelter. Later I think it became a work room for somebody. I will use it to escape the summer heat and yet still be "outside". I will also use it to escape tornados if need be.

I'm going to haul down some water (I have water all the time, but I keep drinking it) so I'm hauling down a few gallons of emergency water and a manual powered flashlight.

I'm also going to post a sign that says "The dogs live here, if you don't like them, go topside now...." because as a child some adult would always complain about my dog when they were in MY cellar and it scared me to think they'd convince my parents to make me put Ginger out. (They never did). Neighbors who arrive without their dogs will be sent back to retrieve them, because, if truth be told, I know and like the dogs better than some of the people.

Actually, I'll problably take down an ex pen and leave it set up for the dogs. I'm going to get comfy plastic adirondack chairs for Mom, Dad and I, but I'll also pile in a stack of other chairs so I don't feel bad about sitting in my comfortable chair while people stand.

I've often wondered where people go when their houses blow away? To shelters? To hotels? I guess I could sleep in the cellar or in the backyard till I could go get my trailer.

Clearly, I'm not current on all disaster prep, but if you have fresh water and light, the rest of the stuff is easier to figure out, and if push comes to shove, we can BBQ a neighbor's dog.


Mim said...

I love the idea of a PVC winerack, please post a picture when done..but don't barbeque the neighbors dog!

I love my basement - not just because it is functional, but also because it is cool in summer and dark and calming.

Debra Kay said...

Exactly! It's like a little damp cave, only not quite so buggy or scarey.

Forever Young said...

your energy is vibrating off the page, or out of the screen...ha ha you eat a dog, that i gotta see!

Debra Kay said...

Well, not one of my own...that's why I'm letting the other's bring their dogs. But you are right, I'd probably snack on an obnoxious neighbor before I'd eat their dog.