Friday, February 22, 2008

Book Meme

So, here are the rules:1.) Pick up the nearest book of (at least 123 pages).2.) Open the book to page 123.3.) Find the fifth sentence.4.) Post the next three sentences.

I was tagged by Forevery Young-I'll tag anyone who reads this. (But I cheated, because the nearest book was the phone book) The NEXT nearest book was Eckhart Tolle-A New Earth

Page 123 sentences 6-9
Even people with heavy egos sometimes begin to relax, let down their guard, and stop playing their roles when they interact with them. It comes as no surprise that those people who work without egos are extraordinarly successful at what they do. Anybody who is one with what he or she does is building the new earth.

Wow-heavy stuff Eckart. The flu has made my attention span very short, I read three paragraphs, pause to think and drift off to sleep. But I'm enjoying the book-however it does seem to want you to think about it. I'm not allowing myself to read FY's book until I complete this one-but I will be ready for a light read after this.


Forever Young said...

All I can say is WOW. Everyone who has done this so far, has read something particularly meaningful to them and their lives.This is very important...egos just get in the bloody way, I can't bear people with huge egos!
Now you sleep and get well, that's all that counts right now.

Debra Kay said...

Well I'm on page 45 and he's talking about ego-so ego must be a big deal if we are still talking about it at page 123. And I do agree. We often get our panties in such wads about things that really don't matter-they just attack our egos.

Fern said...

did this last January

guess it's time to try again...power of now and all that.