Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A day or so early

I logged into the Oprah website last night and wondered where all the other enlightement seekers were. Turns out the class doesn't start till March 3, so I will have time to read the book after all. It is a great book, but not a sit down and read it from cover to cover. Silly me, I'm actually trying to think about what I'm reading!


Michele said...

I loved the part when I signed up for the class that said please try to read the book before the class starts ... it's OK if you don't understand it : )

studio lolo said...

I signed up for the class too. My book arrived yesterday so I took it to bed and was asleep by a page and a half. I think I'm in trouble! It's nice to know some blogger friends will be "there" with me.

Forever Young said...

don't know anything about this book at all, might be gobbledygook to me...good luck