Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mim draws a fish

Mim drew a fish and it brought Mexico back to me when I really needed to remember it most. I hadn't visited it in my mind in some time. It has been longer still since I thought about the fish, and my lovely reef.

The world is full of many things, and all are important things to be sure. But, the memory of playing with a parrot fish under a pier in Mexico, that is a prize beyond compare. Thanks Mim, for jogging my memory.


Michele said...

How about the time we jumped in the water to swim with the shark while all the other people stood on the dock and starred at us in disbelief? Ahhhh, good times.

Mim said...

You're welcome my dear! Glad to bring back good memories.

Debra Kay said...

That was a good time. I made the mistake of showing the picture to my boss, who passed it around the office (remember, we are in swimsuits) and he just kept saying "Look at her-she looks HAPPY to be there" me, I never looked that happy at the office.

This summer I am going to get certified to dive-my first step to cage diving with the great white shark!