Saturday, December 15, 2007

I am Iron Man....

Michele and I once went to Canton for a bit of flea marketry. Michele was into wood those days-and she kept telling people "no metal legs" and somehow that morphed into I am NOT Iron Man. But today I AM Iron Man-because I have plastered 4 biomagnets to various parts of my body (foot and legs thank you very much) to see if they do anything at all.

It seems like an easy quasi scientific, low effort thing to do on a snowed in Saturday. Mildly interesting at best. I tried to get Mom and Dad to let me plaster bio magnets to them but they politely refused.

Strangely, the site that I put the firt magnet on, roughly where they wedged a piece of cadaver bone in my ankle, has ceased to ache. Strange stuff afoot in Oklahoma?

Two of our treasures from that day were Red Legs (table) and Mr. Red Mirror-you guessed it, a red mirror, all crackled and worn. I marked it up like three times and put it in our antique booth (Boothie) sure that no one would actually BUY Mr. Red Mirror.

One Saturday we walked in and Mr. Red Mirror was gone. Michele and I groaned aloud. I was devastated. Now I'm not, I doubt I would have Mr. Red anyway. So many years, so much water under the bridge, so many design phases.

But Michele-I still have little pink table and Mr. Oak table still from those days. The only black panther I have is my Mom's original one. And I bet that that crazy friend of Jay and Sue's still has Wee Boy.


Michele said...

This makes me mourn for all those fun things we bought and sold. I still have mr. black legs wooden stool and my brother in law even tried to convince me to give it to him but I refused. I still miss Mr. Red legs and so many other thigns I sold. I used to have the BEAUTIFUL pink table that I think I sold at a garage sale ... I miss it so much. How silly to miss these things but at the same time what great memories we made searching for and finding these treasures.

Debra Kay said...

Pink table is with me-the little square chippy pink side table? She's safe here with me, although she annoys the heck out of mom. I won't let her paint "that eyesore". She is with Uncle John's teak plant table and a fabulous old 50's inset tray table I got at the goodwill....and pretty Mr. Oak table that I got from you as well.

I liked old stuff before chabby was chic. Actually, looking around, only my upholstered furntiture is new-I have "icky" issues with pet dander and dust mites. Don't mind my own pet dander...

I just had another great memory-remember that chair I had from the 70's with orange and avacado green daisy things on it? Ghastly. Tom Reichert had to have that chair-Mr. Yuppy himself fell in complete love with it. I really do think furnitures have little souls.

Debra Kay said...
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